Structure Overview

The Work Plan of FutureID consists of 6 Sub-Projects (SP) that are divided into several work-packages. The Sub-Projects interact with each other, sharing inputs and results. The general ap-proach of the work plan is illustrated in the following diagram:

SP0 (Management) will be led by FHG and will take care of all management related issues.

SP1 (Transfer) will be led by IFAG and will comprise consolidation and evaluation of results, alignment with stakeholders via the advisory board and all other transfer activities including dissemination and contribution to standardization.

SP2 (Methodology) will be led by FHG and will provide the methodological framework for the pro-ject, including analyses of requirements, development of a project vision and design guidelines and research activities on protocols and tools for future eID solutions.
The Sub-Projects SP3 and SP4 will address the actual realization of the FutureID infrastructure.

SP 3 (Client Development) will be lead by G&D and will concentrate on the development of a trustworthy and usable open source client that supports multiple platforms.

SP4 (Backend Integration) will combine all the Work Packages that are concerned with developing a service environment that allows for the smooth integration of eID technology on the back end side. SP4 will be led by ECS.

The objective of SP5 (Demonstration) is to integrate and demonstrate the potential of the technolo-gies developed in SP3 and SP4. It will provide two pilot applications. One pilot will focus on elec-tronic citizen services, while the other pilot will demonstrate the capabilities of the FutureID infra-structure on the business web. SP5 will be led by ATOS.